My Sheep are my love and i have spent the last 15 Years Breeding and showing Coloured Ryelands with great success. my love of the wonderful Fibre they produce and how versatile it is,has grown over the years and now it is time to expand on that and promote this natural and sustainable product In 2020 I acquired 4 Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep, these are a rare breed in the UK and in the first year I bred 4 lovely ewe lambs from them which have been retained. their 2nd year 3 of them produced lambs crossed with one of my Ryeland rams, the fleeces on these lambs are so soft and full of Crimp(curly waves) 2022 saw me add a gorgeous Wenslydale ewe to the flock named Winnie and then i decided to buy her a husband called Laddie so am hoping for some lovely curly babies from them in 2023. the fleece of the Wenslydale is so long and silky its so divine

The Coloured Ryeland has been the mainstay of my flock since it started many years ago. I have been lucky enough to have bred and owned a few champions in that time and they are such a lovely gentle easy to handle Breed, with their Fleeces producing fabulous wool in a mixture and diversity of colours from pale silver grey to dark chocolate Brown  

Wenslydale Sheep are a longwool Sheep on the Rare Breed Survival list, their fleeces are much sort after being soft and silky and a full fleece staple length can be 12 inches long and more.  My Ewe is called Winnie and The young boy on the right is Laddie, (Longcroft Loves Lad)

The Devon and Cornwall Long wool sheep are also on the rare breed watch list, they are a big heavy breed pruducing a huge thick fleece ideal for rug making either on the pegloom or felted. the crossbreeds produc fine crimpy fleece  for spinning and knitting . My Girls are Rose,Daffodil, Tulip, and Iris. their daughters are Crocus, Bluebell, Violet and Pansy